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Freeeeezing!! January 8, 2009

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ferns-1I think that these last two weeks have to have been the coldest that I remember since moving to Ireland.
Or perhaps I just have a short memory..  Anyhow, it has been down to about -7 degrees during the nights (and only +11 in the shop during the days).  As cold as it is though, it’s very dry and sunny – more so than it was all summer I think!

Mum re-discovered my warm Finnish winter boots hidden, unused and neglected, under her bed – and I have been very pleased to see them again! Maybe if it carries on, I will have to dig out my ice-skates from on top of my wardrobe and  skate on the lake!! Whoohooo…


Restaurant Review – Kin Khao October 19, 2008

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Having heard lots of good thing about Kin Khao Thai Restaurant, we decided to eat there yesterday night for our anniversary.  We were torn between Thai and Lebanese food, but the Thai won in the end because of it’s great reputation.  We will have to save the Lebanese for another occasion!
web analyticsAnyway, Kin Khao will definately be added to our favourite list of restaurants in Athlone.  The decor is cute and cozy, the staff very friendly, and the food exquisite!  We opted for the Early Bird menu for €19.90 per person, which is very reasonable, but if you went for the ordinary menu, you wouldn’t find the price of a meal a whole lot higher than that.

Donal had Won tons for starters, and I had some chicken satay skewers. Both we delicious, and I was really impressed by how fresh the ingredients seemed – the salad on the side was as fresh as if it were just picked! Kin Khao pride themselves in using authentic Thai ingredients, and Thai chefs – and it really pays off.

Our main course was just the right amount of food – I had a Paeng Curry, and Donal had a Mixed Sea-Food Stir Fry.  Both dishes were serves with rice and salad – I had fried rice, and Donal steamed rice.  Both of our meals were on the spicy side, but equally delicious. Most definitely recommended.

We shared a dessert of Sticky Rice Pudding, and were a little disappointed with the size of it – for €6.50, it was a very small serving.  But delicious none-the-less! The coconut/rice/mango combination was really different.

My only other criticism, and it’s a small one, would be that the tables were very close together.  The restaurant space upstairs is fairly limited, so I understand the need to fit in as many tables a possible, but even as I stood up to leave, it was hard to pull the chair far enough back without bumping into the person seated by the table behind me.

So my advice would be to visit Kin Khao if you like spicy food, and would like to try something other than steak and chips! Definite thumbs up from us!

Here is another good review of this restaurant, and here is the Bridgestone entry.


Cunninghams Visit October 17, 2008

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 The Cunningham family were here for a visit from October 2nd – October 14th.

We had the BEST time ever! We went to Kerry for the day, we went to Tickety Boo, Krazy Kids, Athlone Castle, Max & Tim got to ride on a speed boat on the river, we went to Kildare to see the National Stud & Japanese Gardens, we ate lots of good food, & drank lots of good Guinness!

 I miss you all already..

Photos from the visit can be seen from the ‘Links‘ page on the MaxBlog.


Welcome to my blog

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I recently started blogging for our website at work, and discovered that it is kinda fun!

So I thought I would start my own blog about my little life for family and friends to keep up to date with events and my latest photos.

Please visit often, and feel free to leave comments if you wish.