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Our Golf Gti & the AA October 30, 2008

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Poor Woody had a bit of a hard time with all the wet and snow while in Newbridge yesterday.. Monica & I were at traffic lights, when he totally died.  Nothing I could do would start him up again. We were sat at traffic lights while they changed at least three times, and not one person stopped to ask if we were ok, or needed a push to the side of the road. Despite obviously not being able to start the car and having the hazard lights on, people beeped, shouted, and drove around us – but didnt stop. I got it started again for a few seconds, and moved right into the middle of the junction where it died again. In an even worse position – and again, the lights changed at least twice before a man offered to help us push poor Woody out of the way. Unbelievable!!

So I got my first chance to phone the AA..  A helpful man said someone would be with us in an hour. In fairness to the people of Athgarvan (where we had stopped), one lady and one man came up to us while we were waiting to make sure we were ok- our faith in the helpfulness of mankind was slightly restored.  An hour and three quarters later… a man came & fixed Woody.  It was a wet/damaged cable apparently, and now he is as good as new! Yay for Woodyweb analytics