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Toolvest January 18, 2009

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toolvest-design-webDonal would like to design a toolvest especially for window cleaners, and have it sewn up. If successful, there may be a nice little niche market for them.
I am looking for some free/shareware software to be able to design the vest and print the design for the person/people that will be sewing it.
Any suggestions?


Latest Victims of the World Financial Crisis!!! January 16, 2009

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… Its truly amazing how quickly things have gone downhill the past few months. The local newspaper said that unemployment was up by 74% in Athlone, and both mum and I found out that we will be losing our jobs this week. Not exactly a huge shock, but not great news all the same.
Donal is going to the Pioneer School on Monday so will not be working for two weeks – it sounds like the beginning to an assembly experience, so hopefully it will have a happy ending 🙂
I have applied for three jobs this week, so it will be interesting to see what my new sub-career will be (first career is the ministry of course!). I have an interesting list of jobs so far.. receptionist, OCR operator and data input person, shop assistant, photographer, mystery shopper, shop assistant again, book keeper.. so who know what will be next!


Website January 8, 2009

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When I have finished my pile of ironing, I am planning to begin a revamp of my website.  

As I am no longer looking for photography work, I am thinking of just using it as a gallery for some of the photography that I have done (possibly selling some prints), and a way of sharing any photos with family and friends.

Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome!!



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ferns-1I think that these last two weeks have to have been the coldest that I remember since moving to Ireland.
Or perhaps I just have a short memory..  Anyhow, it has been down to about -7 degrees during the nights (and only +11 in the shop during the days).  As cold as it is though, it’s very dry and sunny – more so than it was all summer I think!

Mum re-discovered my warm Finnish winter boots hidden, unused and neglected, under her bed – and I have been very pleased to see them again! Maybe if it carries on, I will have to dig out my ice-skates from on top of my wardrobe and  skate on the lake!! Whoohooo…


Emo January 1, 2009

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Tuesday evening went to stay with Miguel & Monica. We spent the day with Monica in the ministry while Miguel was in Bethel, and then had Monica’s homemade Gnocci & Tiramisu (not together of course!).
web statisticsThis morning we went for a walk in the Emo House grounds.  It was a cold, frosty day, and we had fun skimming stones accross the frozen lake!


HELP!!! December 29, 2008

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Donal and I have started to enjoy doing the Sunday Tribune Cryptic Crossword.  We are doing quite well so far – only 2 wrong last week!!

There is one clue this week that is driving me crazy – I can’t find the answer anywhere using Google. Any suggestions welcome!!! Here is the clue:

 “Ignatius _______, 17th Century Jesuit scholar born in Armagh”

6 letters….

T_ _ L _ N


Tanya & Wendy’s Visit December 14, 2008

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