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Moved! March 2, 2009

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For anyone that is wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while..
My blog has moved – the new address is


Voting is open for Round 2! January 30, 2009

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Theme: “Simple Pleasures – Home”

ALL VOTES appreciated 🙂

You can vote once every 24 hours.



Kildare Village: Simple Pleasures ~ Gallery – Let’s go exploring! January 24, 2009

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Please register on this website and vote for my photo of Lily – I want to win €1000 gift voucher for Kildare Village – Donal needs a new suit 🙂


The weirdest dream… January 21, 2009

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lilys-pic3One evening last week, I was chatting to Michelle, and during the night I had the funniest dream I have had in ages!!  

I was pregnant (and thats not the funny bit!)… with TWINS (and even that’s not the worst of it)…

I think I remember actually being in the hospital and telling them to “wake me up when it was all over” . So there I was stuck at home with these twins – two boys.  I slept the whole night, and woke up (still in my dream though) thinking it was strange that they didnt cry, and didnt want to eat.

Now one of the twins just was in the background somewhere, he didnt do much, but the other one – well.. he pulled evil faces at me when noone was looking! He kept biting me.. he was altogether a horrible little thing.

In the dream, someone came over to me an cooed their congratulations, and asked “Well what did you name them?”  I replied “Sure I dont know, I didnt even think of giving them a name!”  The person said “Well you have to give them a name!”  So I said, “Ok, this one (the evil one) is Charlie! And the other one is.. I don’t know.. Jack will do.”

So Donal and I went to a bookstudy in Sweden, and forgot the twins there as we were leaving – we weren’t bothered with them at all!

And then, Charlie started reading and writing on Day 2 of his life! I’m telling you, he was a WEIRD baby!!!

And that’s it… I think it had something to do with the picture there to the left – it’s Lily’s drawing of “mummy with a baby in her tummy”.  And then Michelle was going to buy frames for some “Charlie and Lola” pictures – I recon that’s where the Charlie came from.  Anyway, it has given me a good laugh over the last few days!!  Wouldnt I just make a fabulous mum?!?!?


Toolvest January 18, 2009

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toolvest-design-webDonal would like to design a toolvest especially for window cleaners, and have it sewn up. If successful, there may be a nice little niche market for them.
I am looking for some free/shareware software to be able to design the vest and print the design for the person/people that will be sewing it.
Any suggestions?


Latest Victims of the World Financial Crisis!!! January 16, 2009

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… Its truly amazing how quickly things have gone downhill the past few months. The local newspaper said that unemployment was up by 74% in Athlone, and both mum and I found out that we will be losing our jobs this week. Not exactly a huge shock, but not great news all the same.
Donal is going to the Pioneer School on Monday so will not be working for two weeks – it sounds like the beginning to an assembly experience, so hopefully it will have a happy ending 🙂
I have applied for three jobs this week, so it will be interesting to see what my new sub-career will be (first career is the ministry of course!). I have an interesting list of jobs so far.. receptionist, OCR operator and data input person, shop assistant, photographer, mystery shopper, shop assistant again, book keeper.. so who know what will be next!