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Toolvest January 18, 2009

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toolvest-design-webDonal would like to design a toolvest especially for window cleaners, and have it sewn up. If successful, there may be a nice little niche market for them.
I am looking for some free/shareware software to be able to design the vest and print the design for the person/people that will be sewing it.
Any suggestions?


2 Responses to “Toolvest”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’ve got some vest patterns if you want me to pop them in the post for you – they were lumped in with the giant box of patterns Tim got at a yard sale for $5! Is it just a case of sticking the right sized pockets and loops in strategic places? If so you could draw them on the photos or even make up a simple one yourself?

  2. nickleickle Says:

    What kind of vest patterns are they? I think the basic shapes should be fairly simple to draw up to size – and like you said – it’s just a matter of putting all sorts of clever pockets on it (Post edited to show design idea!).
    We found an ebay company in Germany that seem to do a tough fabric that would be ideal!

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