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Apples, Apples & More Apples… November 8, 2008

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apple-pieI am also making an apple pie.  Eamon kindly provided the congregation with huge sacks of apples, so we all helped ourselves to a few.  I never got to taste my last attempt at an apple pie as it got given away, so hopefully this one will be good!
web analyticsEDIT: Needed a tad more sugar. Apples went to mush – would have been better if I hadnt cooked them first I think. Pastry was good!


varkokbokI havent quite found a recipe that I like yet – I have found baking in different countries is totally different.  In Sweden, the flour, baking powder, eggs and everything are all different – so my Swedish cookbook works perfectly with Swedish ingredients, but not as well at all here in Ireland.

My other cookbooks are American, and despite having bought the right cup measures, again, the ingredients dont always seem to work as well.  I think I may have to invest in an Irish cookbook that I can use here! Any suggestions??

stuffed-appleMore apples left over – so (thanks Alison), I am making baked apples for dessert tonight with a mixture of walnuts, almonds, coconut, chocolate, dried cranberries and brown sugar stuffed inside.


EDIT: One word… MUSH…

The apple pie recipe that I used today said that I should cook the apples in water, sugar, spices and lemon juice, and then drain off the liquid before putting the apples into the pie.  The liquid looked too good to waste, so I added some more water & have reduced it down by half.  I am thinking of adding some hot water to it in a mug, and having a spiced apple tea! Mmmm…

EDIT: If you are going to make this tea – make sure you havent added butter to the apples – it makes the tea a wee bit weird 🙂    But it still tastes good!!


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